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Monday, March 22, 2010

Custom mirror finished 26" LCD TV bathroom installation

Here we have custom made mirror finished waterproof LCD TV installed in the bathroom. This particular TV was designed to be installed flush inside the wall. We had to modify steel in-wall enclosure to have this TV mounted on full motion arm mount.
This bathroom just has been renovated. With wall papered walls there was no room for error. We could not cut into any wall as it would be impossible to fix. The only place to have TV mounted was above toilet. Arm mount allows to turn TV to watch it from bathtub, make-up station, and shower.
To have arm mount installed in a way where TV is centered between towel cabinet and towel warmer half-wall, we had to break the wall on the other side and build a frame with wooden studs to support arm and TV weight. Wires were run through the wall and HD cable box installed in the attic. IR remote control extender was installed to control cable box. Electrical was taken from towel warmer outlet and run into attic to power cable box, TV, and remote control extender.
Another excellent installation by www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com for our Mount Kisco customer.

Monday, March 1, 2010

40" Sony Bravia LCD TV installation over fireplace

Here we have Sony Bravia LCD TV installed over fireplace for our Mount Kisco, NY customer. Customer beautifully decorated her house herself and has great sense of style for every detail she incorporates into house decor. This formal room is no exception. Pictured TV was installed in two stages. Customer was having her fireplace remodeled and we had access to route cables inside surrounding frame down the basement. Cable box was installed in bookcase to the right. When fireplace was painted, we came back and installed TV. We have installed 5 TVs at Mt. Kisco house and 3 TVs in customer's NYC apartment. We are working on installing custom mirror finished TV on articulation arm mount in customer's master bathroom. Pictures will be posted soon. www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com

52" LED TV install over stone fireplace in Brewster, NY

Here is 52" Samsung LED LCD TV over stone fireplace installation. We had 3 TVs installed at customer house but this one was most challenging. Customer ordered custom bookshelves to be built and installed. They contacted us before bookshelves were installed to mount TV and run wires behind the wall. We installed wall mount first and left TV in the box as the room was being painted. Wires were run between stones to the right and then snaked down the wall and came out right behind right cabinet. When bookshelves were installed, we came back to mount TV and connect electronics. IR LCD-proof remote control repeater was installed to control cable box and Blu-Ray player behind closed doors. Outlet was relocated behind TV. Awesome looking TV over fireplace. www.INSTALLOURPLASMA.com

TV installation in Midtown, NYC office

Here we have TV installation in Midtown NYC office. This is one of the TVs we had installed for the client. TV is installed onto tilting wall mount. Main purpose for this TV is to display life stock exchange updates from CNBC and information from company computer. Client wanted to install cable box in server room and there was no possible way to run HDMI cable 100' away because ceiling is sheetrock. We agreed to use CAT5 to HDMI converter instead of long HDMI cable run. We also connected short wire behind TV to receive NY local digital channels.

Second TV is installed in conference room.

PC connection port was added below TV for quick and easy laptop connection for presentations. This TV also has CAT5 to HDMI converter and connects to same cable box first TV connected to. Another great commercial TV installation project by www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.

46" Sony Bravia wall mounted in nursery. Norwalk,CT

Here we have 46" Sony Bravia TV installation in Norwalk,CT. This is 3rd TV we installed for these customers. As they are expecting a baby (Congratulations!), there is a need to have TV in the nursery where new mom will spend lots of time with the baby. The wall TV is installed has sloped ceiling and it feels that TV is low. But it is very comfortable to watch it as it is exactly at the eye level when customer will be sitting by the crib. Cable box and DVD player were installed inside closet to the left of the TV in the rack that houses electronics for adjoining master bedroom. Wires were snaked through walls to the left. RF remote control extender was installed allowing controlling cable box and DVD player through walls. Beautifully decorated room with TV being one of focal elements.www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com

50" Plasma TV installation over fireplace

Here we have 50" Plasma TV installed over the fireplace on plaster wall in Ordell,NJ. At first, we planned to install cable box inside left cabinet behind closed doors. Wires should had run through the basement. Upon basement inspection we realized that there is solid cement foundation under fireplace and wire run through basement is impossible. We agreed with customer to install cable box in the attic and use remote control extender to control cable box from the room. TV is installed on titling wall mount. Wires entered the wall above wall mount plate behind TV. We drilled the hole from the attic to get between fireplace wall and house exterior wall. Wires were snaked up into the attic. Outlet was relocated behind TV and power was taken from attic outlet. There was no cable feed up the attic. Cable wire was run from the attic outside the house, fed into basement and connected to the splitter. IR remote control extender receiver is setup on TV top left corner as seen on the photo. TV installation turned out great and blends beautifully into room decor. Another clean installation by www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

160" screen, projector installation in Hillsborough, NJ

Here we have 160" motorized screen, Yamaha 5.1 system, and 1080p projector installation in pool room in Hillsborough, NJ. Projector was installed on wall mounted glass shelf due to cathedral ceiling. Cable box, Blu-Ray player, Yamaha receiver were installed on the right back corner next to the couch. The challenge was to run all wires through the basement. There were ventilation ducts inside walls where speakers were installed. There was very limited space between the duct and sheetrock to snake wires through. Due to window behind the screen, we had to install center channel under the screen and raise speaker volume to optimize sound stage better due to pool abstracting speaker view. After setting speaker volumes, Home Theater sounded great. Subwoofer was placed next to component rack in the right back corner. True movie theater in private house.Visit us at www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com

LCD TV installation in NYC apartment. Space saving solution

Here we have very unusual apartment in NYC building. Apartment was built next to elevator shaft and building has triangle shape. This apartment is long and narrow with large square bedroom in the back. Customer wanted to install TV without any components sitting under TV to have most walk width. We opted to install TV on wall covering building support column and wires snaked to the left. Cable box and DVD player were place on window on the left. Power and cable lines were snaked from middle of the wall to the left. Great NYC space saving TV installation. Customer was very happy.Visit us at www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.

TV installation in NYC high rise building

This TV installation in NYC high rise building was very unusual. There are no walls to install TV to watch it from any location in the room. We opted to use articulating arm mount with single vertical mounting plate. Arm mount was installed onto kitchen cabinet back support. Cable box and DVD player were placed right behind TV on kitchen cabinet. Cable line and electrical were taken from counter top outlet on the right by balcony door. We drilled through cabinets and ran wires inside cabinet corners. When china was put back into cabinets, there were no wires visible. IR remote control repeater system was installed that allowed to control cable box and DVD player from the couch. Customer and his wife were very satisfied. They had small children and were very happy to have TV installed out of reach.Visit us at www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.

58" Panasonic Plasma TV installation over stone fireplace

Here we have 58" Panasonic Plasma TV installation over stone fireplace in Westchester County, NY. This TV was extremely difficult to install. First, TV weights about 140lbs. Second, the only way for that TV to fit was to install it on tilting mount with certain tilt degree. We only had 1.5" clearance from the ceiling and 1/4" from the mantel. On top of that, drilling into uneven stone takes precision and lots of careful calculations as drill bit tries to jump off marked position. Wiring and electrical were run into attic above TV and then snaked to the left shelf where cable box and DVD player installed. When TV was installed, we only had 1/4' left between mantel and TV.
Extremely precise measuring and drilling. Customer was very nervous because TV barely fit. After an installation, he was very happy and recommended our company to all his friends. Visit us at www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.

Panasonic 42" Plasma TV installation with glass shelf. Hoboken, NJ condominium

Here we have Panasonic Plasma TV installed on the wall with designer glass shelf for Hoboken, NJ condominium owner. To achieve clean and wire-free installation, we used low profile fixed wall mount with adjustable height option. TV is only 1' away from the wall. Glass shelf was installed to hold cable box and future DVD player. Real challenge was to relocate electrical outlet and cable line to the shelf area without cutting sheetrock. Nearest outlet is on the same wall 4' away from TV center. There are two studs on the way blocking wire passage. We had to open cable outlet wall plate and cut the stud inside the wall. Next, we opened network wall plate and cut through another stud and passed electrical and cable wires through. We put flat cover wall plates to create clean wall look. Two 6' HDMI cable were run from TV to shelf. One HDMI connects cable box and second one is a spare connection for future Blu-Ray DVD player.
Customer was very pleased with installation. We came back two more times: first time to install light fixtures in his bathroom, second time to install large painting on the wall. TV installation is very clean, blends into decor perfectly, wire-free, and no walls were ever cut. Visit us at www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com.