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Monday, March 22, 2010

Custom mirror finished 26" LCD TV bathroom installation

Here we have custom made mirror finished waterproof LCD TV installed in the bathroom. This particular TV was designed to be installed flush inside the wall. We had to modify steel in-wall enclosure to have this TV mounted on full motion arm mount.
This bathroom just has been renovated. With wall papered walls there was no room for error. We could not cut into any wall as it would be impossible to fix. The only place to have TV mounted was above toilet. Arm mount allows to turn TV to watch it from bathtub, make-up station, and shower.
To have arm mount installed in a way where TV is centered between towel cabinet and towel warmer half-wall, we had to break the wall on the other side and build a frame with wooden studs to support arm and TV weight. Wires were run through the wall and HD cable box installed in the attic. IR remote control extender was installed to control cable box. Electrical was taken from towel warmer outlet and run into attic to power cable box, TV, and remote control extender.
Another excellent installation by www.INSTALLYOURPLASMA.com for our Mount Kisco customer.


  1. That looks really nice, how did you manage the power in a bathroom?

  2. There is an outlet near towel warmer. We ran Romex through the wall from that outlet into attic and made new outlet there. TV is 12V DC. TV power supply was installed in the attic and plugged into newly made attic outlet. Same outlet powers HD cable box and RF remote control extender. Both installed in the attic.

  3. Good Concept, can watch TV even while you are in Bathroom.

  4. Wonder how people get these ideas, Good job keeping in mind that it is protected from water, as it is places in bathroom.